That means original. Original research and thought. Experience and success. Adding talent to your team. Tailored. Nothing off the rack or the shelf. Each problem is a problem because no one has solved it. Maybe design would help. Or film. Or writing. Or just fresh eyes. Maybe not. Because no strategy or tactic is timeless. But insight is.

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"Like Ross himself, his book, My Letters to Dead People is an original."

— The Washington Post

"A legendary Sacramento consultant."

— The Nation

"The Johnnie Cochran of Democratic Politics."

— California Journal

"Ross... one of the most skillful in California."

— Willie Brown, A Biography



United Farm Workers

Children's Hospitals


Public Counsel

National Commission on
ICE Misconduct

Association of American

California Medical Association

LA Federation of Labor

Dr. Patrick Soon Shiong

California Nurses

San Francisco Giants

United Food and Commercial

Sacramento Kings

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Southern Nevada

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Cesar Chavez Foundation


...And 500 candidates for public office in 13 states and at every level of government

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